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    Free shipping on orders $45+

    Free shipping on orders $45+

    Wearable Recovery From Zenz Infographic

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    "The Perfect Combination of Comfort and Style"

    “Recovery is a long term investment in yourself and in
    your body, and post-training footwear is a huge part of
    that. I’ve chosen Zenz® for my recovery footwear because
    they bring the perfect combination of comfort and style.”

    ~ Evan Prater


    Evan Prater wearing a pair of Men's Zenz Lace Ups while sitting on a bench.

    "Uniquely Supportive Recovery"

    “When I first felt how lightweight Zenz® were, I couldn’t believe it. They’re a unique, comfortable, supportive recovery shoe, which is exactly what I’m looking for after a long match or practice. I’m glad it’s a part of my recovery routine.” 

    ~ Roberto Burlew


    Roberto Burlew wearing a pair of Men's Zenz Lace Ups while stretching on a field

    "Unbelievably Lightweight"

    “Not only are Zenz® the most comfortable shoes I own,
    they’re also unbelievably lightweight. When I go from
    my cleats to my Zenz®, it feels like I’m not even
    wearing shoes at all. Zenz® have become my #1 tool
    for recovering my most important asset - my feet!”

    ~ Alexis Trammel


    Alexis Trammel wearing a pair of Women's Zenz Lace Ups stretching on a soccer field

    "Soft and Supportive"

    “My whole track career, I’ve thought about my on-field shoes
    as the key to my performance. Now, I realize that having a
    soft, supportive recovery shoe is just as important. I look
    forward to the transition from track spikes to slipper-like Zenz®.
    The whole time I’m wearing them, my feet are recovering.”

    ~ Austin Edwards


    Austin Edwards putting on and tying a pair of Men's Zenz Lace Ups

    "Important Part of My Recovery Routine"

    “When I started playing volleyball at the collegiate level, I
    realized that I needed to pay attention to the shoes I was
    wearing after training. Walking across campus in hard plastic
    slides just wasn’t working for me anymore! Now, I consider
    Zenz® one of the most important parts of my recovery routine.”

    ~ Emme Madden


    Emme Madden wearing Women's Zenz Lace Ups

    "More Comfortable Than Slides"

    "After a long game or practice, Zenz® are the only shoes I’ve found that actually help my feet feel recovered. They’re more comfortable than slides, and they stay put while I walk to class or around campus. Zenz® are not just my favorite shoes, they’re actually a big part of my recovery routine.” 

    ~ Kam Guidry


    Kam Guidry wearing a pair of Men's Zenz Lace Ups

    "Like Clouds On My Feet"

    “After wearing stiff, heavy basketball shoes for hours, I can’t wait to get into the locker room and slide on my Zenz®. They’re so lightweight, they literally feel like clouds on my feet. I never thought that recovering my feet would be as simple as wearing Zenz®.” 

    ~ Jillian Hayes


    Jillian Hayes wearing a pair of Women's Zenz Lace Ups

    "Comfy and Supportive for Recovery"

    “When you’re playing three or four games a day, you
    can’t wait for that moment when your feet can recover
    in a comfy, supportive shoe. When I slip on my Zenz®, I
    truly don’t feel like I have anything on my feet. It’s a part
    of my recovery routine that I can wear, and I love that.”

    ~ Sam Vinson


    Sam Vinson wearing a pair of Men's Zenz Lace Ups

    "Immediate Relief for Feet"

    “After a long match or practice on hot turf, my feet feel like they’re on fire. When I transition into my Zenz®, the softness and breathability gives me immediate relief. Plus, each time I wear them they’re just as fluffy as the first time I tried them on.”

    ~ Sofia Wilmes


    Sofia Wilmes wearing a pair of Women's Zenz Lace Ups
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