Meet: smartDri®

Traditional water repellent products contain harmful PFC chemicals which pollute our eco-systems. But our innovation team has developed a PFC-free water repellency technology that contains absolutely none of these harmful chemicals

Stay Dry and Cozy

SmartDri® is your answer to staying dry and cozy in any weather. Water rolls right off to keep you protected come rain or snow. This innovative and groundbreaking technology serves both you and the planet, with it's PFC-free development. The water that rolls off takes no chemicals with it, and keeps the water in our rivers, oceans and streams clean.

Styles For Everyone

Our SmartDri® technology is utilized in styles for everyone. From a practical, sleek design to a more modern cut, this innovation can keep you cozy and feeling like yourself. The protective methods of cold weather wear don't have to lose their personality.

    SmartDri Collection