Knit lining that promotes warmth.


A lightweight, warm, soft material. Often made out of synthetic materials.


Soft, cozy footwear product that cover the ankle.

Brushed Microfiber

Synthetic, polyester fabric that mimics pig suede.


Luxurious natural fiber yarn (natural beige color).

Cashmere Blend

Cashmere and lambs wool blend.


Rayon acrylic yarn that is sheared for a velvety, plush finish.


isotoner's wider width sole.


A footwear style with a closed toe and an open back.


Our technology that combines a moisture wicking sock and memory foam that forms to your foot with added molded arch support and a cushy EVA outsole for comfort.


Synthetic made material made with a plush softness.


A natural fiber that is most often spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft, breathable material.

Enhanced Heel Cushion

A special EVA heel cusion absorbs impact of heel strike.

Faux Fur

Any material made of synthetic fibers designed to resemble fur. Most have a natural plush look with a soft, fuzzy feel.


Soft napped fabric that can be used as outer shell or inner lining; Fleece is normally made from 100% synthetic material, similar to polyester. Many times the material is polyester.


The circumference of the footwear item measured around the ball of the foot.


Material used to add stretch or elasticity to an opening or seam.


Lining that runs the full length of the inside of a footwear item.


The upper, center section of the foot, between the toe and ankle.

Iridescent Velour


Velour material made with a luxury sheen.


Flexible comfort for your feet. The material flexes and conforms to your feet and stays on during activity.

isotoner Spandex

4 way stretch nylong with LYCRA® fiber.


A knit fabric used predominantly for clothing manufacturing. It can be made of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers.


A durable, flexible material made from animal skin.


The inside material of a product that touches your skin.




Footwear normally shaped like a moccasin, with a low flat heel.


Luxe Touch


Soft, luxurious lining with a sleek fit made of synthetic materials.

Memory Foam

isotoner sole lining the mimics the shape of the foot.

Metis Leather

A high end leather made from animal skin.


This polyester and nylon blend offers good warmth plus wicks moisture away from skin to help keep hands dry.

Nappa Leather

Drum dyed "naked" leather without pigment (spray). Good quality, measured in the softness and texture of skin. Grain is coarser with more blemishes than Metis.


Sole made of materials that are proven or treated to not mark floors.


The bottom outer sole of a footwear product.


Fine buffing of the back of the leather separates the fibers to create a fine velvety surface nap.


A lining that is thick, plush and a good source of warmth.

PillowStep® Plus

Tufted foam insole, added memory foam arch cushion and EVA heel cushion.


Tufted foam insole with a firm yet cushy feeling footbed.


Polyurethane is an extremely durable and flexible synthetic material.


Memory foam plus! Molds to your feet for comfort and has a extra EVA heel custion to absorb impact.

Secret Sole™

Special sole that features a cradle for your heels and supports your arches. The sole also, has our wider width sole to give your feet ample space in the toes box and plenty of room to relax.

Secret Sole™ Plus

Imagine our amazing secret sole cradle for your heels and arches with an extra added arch support feature.

Shaft Height

Shaft height of footwear products are measured from middle of the arch up the inside of the product to the top of the product shaft.

Shaft Width

The width of the footwear product are measured at the opening of the product.


100% Polyester material with a shearling look, but with a soft feel.


Thin and light material, 100% pure silk.


A footwear type with an open back and open toe area.


A footwear item that is easily slipped on, usually meant for indoor wear and lined for comfort and warmth.

smarTouch® technology

Nearly invisible touchscreen technology with dyed to match conductive thread, allows for our precise touch functionality while the fingertips are fully lined for increased warmth.


Gloves with conductive threads on select fingers, depending on the style, which convey electrical impulses. Allows you to use any touchscreen device without removing your gloves.


Long lasting gel comfort. Our smartZONE designs offer durable, long lasting comfort wth extra support in the heel zone.


Long lasting gel comfort. Our smartZONE design offer durable, long lasting comfort wth extra support in the heel and arch zone.


The bottom part of a footwear product.


Cotton or linen, this fabric has a moisture-absorbing surface.


A dual lining technology that offers a thicker lining on the back of your hand for increased warmth, but also has a less restrictive lining on the palm for superior flexibility during use.


Warmth without bulk, lightweight insulating material by INVISTA.


Lightweight, insulating fabric made by 3M. One of the warmest materials.


A footwear style with a strap that connects the sole between the toes and the sides of the foot.


TPR also known as Thermo Plastic Rubber, is used to form outsoles on slippers and other footwear products.

Ultra Plush™

Luxurious polyester fabric with a silky softness and sleek fit.


The upper part of the footwear item, not including the sole.


The front part of the slipper/shoe upper that covers the toes and part of the foot.


Non-animal based products, made from natural or synthetic materials.


Rich, luxe, velvety fabric with a soft, dry hand feel.

Warm Touch

100% polyester brushed lining provides warmth without bulk.

Water Resistant Leather

Smooth leather that is treated for water resistance in the tanning process so water rolls off.

Waterproof Lining

Provides a waterproof polyurethane inner layer and has a specially treated fleece lining that draws perspiration away from skin. Feature offered in select smarTouch® technology and invisible technology glove.

Wider Width Sole

Our wider width sole give your feet the ample space in the toe box area and plenty of room to relax.


isotoner line of products: slippers and cold weather products made with faux suede and faux fur, with decorative details.