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Types of Slippers Any Woman Will Love


Find the comfort that fits you and your lifestyle! When shopping for slippers, there are a few things to consider before purchasing: season, style, fit and sole. Are you looking for something cozy and soft in the winter but don't want toasty feet when the weather turns sunny? Do you prefer an open toe or closed? Let's explore the different types of slippers and our recommendations for your perfect fit!


Terry Ballerinas in Heather Grey on cozy blankets


Ballerinas (Year Round)

Our most popular silhouette! Isotoner has been selling our classic ballerina slippers for nearly 50 years. These slippers are light weight and flexible, great for packing away in an overnight bag or carry-on. What is most intriguing about the ballerina is how simple yet feminine they are. A low-profile fit combined with a minimal adornments and lots of different colors and textiles to choose from, you are sure the find a ballerina you love. 


Booties (Colder Months)

Some believe booties to be mostly a winter necessity but if you're a lover of all things cozy, this might be the right slipper for you. Featuring a fulled closed in toe and heel, extending just passed the ankle, booties are a great match for tucking in wayward pajama bottoms or pairing with extra thick socks. Another great benefit, is they look so dang cute! With their indoor/outdoor soles, easily slip on your booties for grocery runs or taking the kids to school. No one has to know you're wearing slippers!


Moccasins (Year Round)

Probably the most iconic fit when one thinks of slippers, moccasins are a great fit for any season comfort. There's a variety of different types of mocs from the classic suede to the velvety soft smoking slipper. All feature a covered toe and heel silhouette, usually lined with a microterry or shearling. Now, this might scare a few people off but many of microterry linings feature moisture wicking tech to keep your feet cool and dry, even in the summer. 


3 Different Slip-on Slippers in a line, Addie Hoodback, Kaitlyn Scuff and Faux Fur Novelty Fey Hoodback


Slip-Ons (Year Round)

Clog, hoodback, scuff. They've been called many things over the years, but colloquially these styles all fall under the title of "Slip-On." Slip-Ons are recognized by their open heel design, allowing the wearer to simply slip in and out with ease. The breezy open back cools down feet without getting too hot, which makes it the perfect year round option! Also, we recommend slip-ons for those suffering from foot pain or swelling as they do not put strain on the heels or toes.


Slides (Warmer Months)

Show off that adorable pedicure! Slides are great for spring and summer when you want to stay cool and show off a little more skin. Light and airy, our slides come in a few different styles from traditional to thongs and even adjustable. These slippers are designed for pool side sipping and summer vacation while still providing the needed support and comfort you expect from Isotoner. Also, many styles feature moisture wicking microterry to absorb any extra sweat so you stay dry on those hot summer days.



No matter the style, all of our slippers are machine washable! Simply use your preferred detergent, toss in the wash with cool water and air dry away from heat. 

Whether you are giving slippers as a gift or selecting the perfect pair for yourself, Isotoner knows that comfort is key. So find the slipper that fits your lifestyle!


Petunia Slides in Strawberry laying on fuzzy blanket with flowers


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