Zenz Men’s Activate Slip-On in Black by a creek

Father's Day Slipper Gift Guide


As most of us know, our Dad's are notoriously hard to shop for. You want to get something practical, while still showing personality and sentiment. He has all the tools a man could ever need but those ratty, old slippers he's been clinging to the last 20 years have seen better days. This Father's Day, give every dad in your life an upgrade with our latest collection of comfy and versatile footwear.


Zenz Men’s Activate Slip-On for Father's Day 


The All-Day, Ultimate Comfort Seeker

Peace for your feet! That’s what he’ll experience the moment he slips into a pair of Zenz from isotoner. It’s hard to even describe what happens when you try on these legendary slip-ons. Luxurious and bouncy cushioning, stretchy uppers that fit any foot type and forgive many foot ailments (including bunions, hammer toes, Morton’s toe and the like) – Zenz hug feet! Once you try Zenz, you’ll find it hard to wear anything else. They are perfect for indoors and out! Wear them around the house, in the backyard, at work, school or anywhere. Plus the extra cushy sole never bottoms out or compresses so they're built to last. They're the slip-on, slipper shoe he'll never want to take off! Oh, and did I mention all Zenz are machine washable so you can keep your favorite slippers fresh?


Isotoner Men's Moccasin Slippers for Father's Day


The Classic Moccasin Slippers

Your dad or significant other probably already has or had owned a pair of moccasins at some point in their lifetime. Moccasins like our Men's Blake style are among our best selling men's slippers. The timeless silhouette and closed back design make these slippers extremely popular among fellas who are looking for comfort without the flash. And speaking of comfort, the Blake Moccasin features our 360° Surround Comfort™ memory foam that hugs the foot for a custom fit.


 isotoner Men’s Preston Heather Knit Hoodback Slippers for Father's Day


The House Shoe Slipper

Slide on in, wear around, no hassle slippers. Slip-on slippers are popular with dads who values the ease of flexibility when wearing slippers. This dad is constantly on the move between the house and the garage. He wants the ease of sliding in and out of his house shoes without the need for bending over or leaning down. The perfect bedside slipper for every day of the week, slip-on slippers feature fantastic under-the-foot cushioning and support and full toe coverage to keep his feet warm without over heating. Ideal for those dads looking to rock the no sock look. And no worries, his house shoes are completely machine washable. Throw them in the wash as needed to keep them fresh and looking spiffy.


 isotoner Men’s Grady Moccasin Slippers with Collapsible Heel


All Season Versatility

Moccasins are great for cold weather and slip-ons may be his choice for spring and summer, but why have to choose? Shouldn't there be a slipper that has the breeziness of a slip-on with all the warmth and support that a closed heel provides? Oh, wait! There is! Our Grady Moccasin with Collapsible Heel is the solution to all your problems. The perfect all year round slipper, the Grady features a collapsible heel so it can be worn as both a closed and open back style. Amazing versatility and style, this slipper truly is the best of both worlds.


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