Cozy Mommy and Me Mornings with Isotoner

Cozy Mommy and Me Mornings with Isotoner


There is no time that living in New England feels more charming to me than in the fall. We love watching the elm trees lining the town greens changing colors, we love going for drives to look at the old historic homes surrounded by fall foliage, and we love decorating our own cozy little 100-year-old home for the season. The one downside to the charm of an old home is the drafty air that comes with it (despite what we set our heat at!).  

To stay nice and cozy, we live in our slippers during the cold weather months. Isotoner has been a household favorite for a long time, and I recently found their matching products that are perfect for a Mommy and Me winter! You can see more of their selection here. I not only love the style of my Addie Hoodback slippers but also how warm and comfortable they are. Ayla has the sweetest matching pair of Wendy Hoodback slippers that she wears around the house with me. The sole of these slippers is really durable and great for wearing on little outings as well. 

Ayla and I do everything in our slippers—from making breakfast together (pancakes have been a fan favorite around here lately!), to relaxing, or even taking Wimble out for a nice long walk in the crisp air. I frequently find myself wearing them to preschool pickup or the grocery store as well! 

Our matching Addie and Wendy Hoodback slippers are not just cute but they are also a great price. Kids' feet grow fast so spending a lot of money on slippers they outgrow in a few months is just not practical for most families. Isotoner makes quality products that are affordable and make sense for families with lots of growing little feet around! I know Ayla won’t want to match with me forever but having a 4-year-old that is absolutely delighted over things like our matching Isotoner slippers just makes me melt. I know this season may fly by but these sweet and slow moments with her are some of my favorite memories. If you’d like to get a matching pair for you and your little one, you can check out the styles they have here. 

Thanks for following along on our cozy adventures! 



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