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Let us introduce ourselves.

At isotoner, the fruits are in our roots! Our story begins in 1910 with the founding of the Aris Glove Company, a European maker of fine leather gloves and knit accessories. After making its way to the United States, Aris would create the glove that would become its namesake.

In the early 1970s, Aris created a glove unlike any other made from a nylon/spandex fabric with leather trim. Recognizing the glove’s unique 4-way stretch and massaging properties, Aris named the glove isotoner by combining the words “isometric” and “toning.” The isotoner glove was a major success with a name so recognizable that Aris adopted it and became ARIS isotoner, Inc.

Following the success of women’s gloves, men’s gloves and slippers quickly followed. 

A 100+ year old icon was born.

We're innovative.

360° Surround Comfort™

It's the slipper that fits like a glove.

Our signature 360° Surround Comfort™ technology hugs your feet for all-over coziness. Fully lined with adaptive memory foam, these slippers mold to your feet for a custom fit. The cushioned footbed offers a truly immersive comfort experience. Plus, like all of our slippers, just throw them in the washing machine for easy cleanup.

smarTouch® Technology

Warm hands, meet cold weather.

Designed for your active lifestyle, our gloves offer a snug, comfortable fit and improved dexterity. With our patented smarTouch™ technology, our gloves are designed to offer pinpoint accuracy for superior touchscreen performance. Rather than trying to make a call with your freezing fingers, these gloves interact with your device without having to take them off.

SleekHeat™ Technology

Superior warmth without the bulk.

Our SleekHeat™ winter gloves offer all the warmth and movement without the usual bulk. These gloves are highly compressible with wind-resistant Polartec alpha insulation, so you can easily fold and toss them in your bag when you're on the go.

smartDRI® Technology

Smart feet and hands stay smartDRI®.

smarDRI® slippers and gloves reward your feet and hands for a job well done. This innovative technology keeps active feet and hands cool and comfortable with either a breathable moisture-wicking lining or a water-repellent outer shell.

Our brand promise.

We create products that revolutionize comfort and make fashion effortless because we’re against depriving ourselves of life’s richest experiences, however small.

We have set out to change the mindset from living for the future in hurried tasks to fully enjoying the present, by striving to make time wearable.

Rooted firmly in our French Heritage, we believe in indulging in every delicious moment. This is a flag we’ve been waving since the first isometric glove was launched, where a sensational fit that caressed the skin was combined with a sleek design, turning the glove into a quality fashion item for the first time ever.

We are isotoner, creator of wearable moments.