Warm, Cozy & On Trend with Isotoner

Warm, Cozy & On Trend with Isotoner

Since we moved to our cabin, it’s been challenging to find winter clothes that are both warm and stylish. It’s winter in Jackson Hole for most of the year (some years, it snows almost every month!) so when I come across cold weather gear that is both cute and cozy—it’s a big deal!


This year, I’ve found the perfect cold weather gloves in Isotoner’s selection. My favorite are the Shortie Gloves, which can be paired with a number of cozy slip-ons.

Here’s a photo of the shortie gloves plus different cozies that you can slip over them: 

These gloves are GREAT because you can change your look by simply changing the cozie that you add to the glove. Instead of buying multiple pairs of gloves, you can wear the Shortie Glove all winter long and pair it with different accessories. 

Here’s what else I love about these gloves: 

  • smartDRI® technology: designed to repel moisture (water rolls right off) 
  • SmarTouch® technology: fingertips are touchscreen friendly
  • Comfy, non-bulky fit
  • Cute chevron design & plenty of color options 
  • Functional by not slowing you down while doing the outdoor tasks you need


For classic cold weather gloves that you can wear daily, I’d also recommend Isotoner’s 4-Way Stretch Gloves. These are the right mix of stylish and warm so that you can wear them on the go—from work, to a night out, to running errands and outdoor chores. 

I keep these by our door and slip them on every time I need to go outside, whether it’s to run into town, go for a walk, or grab some more firewood for our wood pile.

For the perfect pair of winter gloves, look no further. Isotoner’s collection has kept my hands cozy and stylish enough to wear every chance I get! Grab a pair for yourself and stay warm this season!

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