Season of Cozy

Season of Cozy

Fall has officially made its way to Chicago and while I’m terrified that winter is around the corner, I’m very excited for these beautiful cooler days in the city.

I’ve been hunkering down and trying to get into a cozy state of mind. Weekend are taken a little slower, mornings are a little harder to get out of bed on the weekdays, and there’s something even tastier about sipping my morning coffee on a cold fall day. I might be getting into hibernation mode, but I’m 100% OK with it!

After a few busy weeks at work, I spent the last weekend enjoying staying cozy in my little apartment. I’ve been very into pine scented candles, making lentil soup for the week ahead, and wearing cozy slippers all around the house 24/7 (specifically these cute Isotoner Addie boot slippers that are the MOST comfortable!). After a season of feeling like everything was “go, go, go!”, it’s nice to use the weather as an excuse to slow down and relax a bit. I’ve been talking to my friends about how the seasons tend to change the pace of life, and fall is definitely no different. Summer always speeds by so quickly, but fall feels like it puts you a bit more in a much-needed balance. For some reason, I don’t feel as guilty about staying inside when it’s cold (JOMO, or Joy of Missing Out, is so real!), and I can spend more time to focus on myself and what reinvigorates me. Plus, there’s nothing better than spending the weekend in cozy slippers and PJs rather than getting all dolled up on a chilly day 😉

These days, work has been so crazy that I’ve been soaking up every cozy day in my little apartment during my free time. I’ve been in full cozy, comfy mode where I immediately change into sweat pants, a sweatshirt, and my comfy Isotoner Addie Boots (they’re so comfy and have 360 surround comfort) whenever I get in the house after a long day (check out their product here). And rather than immediately binging TV at the end of the long day (even though sometimes it’s tempting!), I’ve been setting my intentions for a new season ahead—especially since I know that 2020 is crazily right around the corner. Fuzzy slippers + a cup of coffee + a planner is my ideal week night in…does that mean I’m officially an adult now?! Maybe…but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We were talking at work the other day about setting a single word intention for the year and while I missed the boat at the beginning of the year—I stole a word from one of my co-workers to help set my intentions before ringing in 2020, which is “imperfect.” Rather than focusing on being perfect 24/7 (which is exhausting, truly), I’m going to try to set my intentions to be perfectly imperfect—especially since the holidays, work craziness, and more things are coming up that are (at the end of the day) too impossible to balance. So, striving to find beauty in the imperfections is not only more feasible but also makes me feel a little better in the process too. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes! Are you feeling reinvigorated now, too, with the changing of the seasons? Or at least, feeling the urge to stay cozy 24/7 too? If you’re in the market for new slippers, I honestly really adore my new Isotoner Addie Boots. They’re making fall so much more cozy, indoors and out. I’d recommend sizing up a half size, too, just so you can have a little extra room for cozy socks! xx


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