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    Your New Everyday Slip-On: Zenz!

    Women's Serenity Zenz in Navy on model sitting on outside stairs


    Imagine your happy place. Is it wriggling your toes in cool sand while the waves crash in the distance? Are you standing at the top of a serene mountain with only breeze whipping through the peaks? Did the kids finally go down for a nap and you can now catch up on your latest streaming binge?


    Women's Serenity Zenz on model with feet over the back of a chair


    Moments of peace can be hard to find in today’s hectic world. Some of us don't have time to worry about what shoes we're wearing when their are errands to run and children to chase. We created Zenz Slip-Ons to become your new go-to footwear for slipper-like comfort that you can wear all day, leaving you feeling more balanced, relaxed and one step closer to your happy place.


    The power behind Zenz lies in the revolutionary, Everywear™ sole. Flexible, durable, and above all comfortable; these soles move with you throughout the day so you can stay on top of the hustle bustle. The cushioned sole resists compression over the lifetime of the product, bouncing back to it's original shape for even the longest on-your-feet days.


    Women's Harmony Zenz in Black Marbled on model with her feet up and the Eiffel Tower in the background


    Not only are they great for Sunday-Saturday routine, but Zenz are also the ultimate travel companion! 50% lighter than traditional slip-ons that can weight you and your luggage down, Zenz are virtually weightless and their flexible sole is ideal for packing in an overnight bag or carry-on. 


    Support? Check. Comfort? Check. Machine washable? CHECK! Protect you and your loved ones from unwanted germs and messes. Simply toss in the wash for easy cleaning and air dry away from heat. 


    Men's Activate Zenz in Mineral on model sitting on a stool


    Fellas, we didn't forget about you either! Zenz are available in both men's and women's including a variety of styles including closed and open heel options. We know you will love your Zenz Slip-Ons, you'll want a pair in every color. So why not try a little peace for your feet yourself and let us know!

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