Restore the Planet Without Sacrificing Comfort​

You won’t believe it, but the fabrics used in these slippers is made from up to 100% post-consumer plastic. How? We’ve taken discarded plastic bottles that would have ended up in landfills and turned them into your new go-to for on-the-go comfort. Plus, our recycled fabrics and materials are just as soft, warm and comfortable as ever. Take comfort in knowing, every time you kick back and cozy up, you’re doing your part to restore the planet.

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Comfort and Sustainability Can Now Go Hand in Hand​

Traditional water repellent products contain harmful PFC chemicals which pollute our eco-systems. But our innovation team has developed a PFC-free water repellency technology that contains absolutely none of these harmful chemicals. Meet: SmartDri. This innovative, cleaner chemistry is better for the environment without sacrificing the performance you need. Rain and snow roll right off so you’ll stay warm and dry. Every pair of Smartdri gloves protects your hands while protecting the planet – now that’s comfort that cares.

Comfort and Sustainability Can Now Go Hand in Hand​

Clean water is vital to the health of our planet, people, and wildlife. That’s why every material in our Clean Water Collection focuses on keeping our water systems cleaner. From Bloom®  Sustainable Materials, to minimally dyed GOTS certified organic cotton, these slippers provide powerful water protection for freshwater sources around the world. So you can put your best foot forward with your mind at ease.

  • Heart

    Whether discovering a perfect new style you never knew you needed, or finally finding that perfect gift for a loved one, we know joy can come from many places.



    By utilizing cleaner chemistry, using recycled fabrics, and returning clean water to our waterways, we’re putting the planet first.

  • Innovation

    At isotoner, we’re being mindful to make the least impact we can while never sacrificing the performance we know you need and the comfort you’ve always expected. 

Every Pair Cares

For over one hundred years, we’ve proudly cared for those who value comfort above all else. But we know, to be truly comfortable, you need both your mind and body at ease. So now, we’re making the planet a more comfortable place to live by utilizing cleaner chemistry to protect water systems, using recycled and upcycled fabrics that clean up landfills, and sourcing materials that help clean the environment. All this, without sacrificing the comfort and style you know and expect. 

With Isotoner, you can feel good inside and out knowing that every pair you buy helps care for the planet. And this season, you’ll find out exactly how. We’re inviting you to discover some of the ways we’re extending our love and care beyond our customers and communities, to ensure a more sustainable world for future generations.