With Isotoner, Every Pair Cares

With Isotoner, Every Pair Cares

At Isotoner, we’ve been creating the absolute best in comfort products for over 100 years. From our iconic 4-Way Stretch Spandex Chevron Gloves to our tried-and-true Ballerina Slippers, many of our products have spent generations keeping our consumers comfortable, warm and happy. We’re proud to be an important part of your snowball fights, couch cuddles, and holiday gift-giving. Our design and product development teams have always cared most about these special moments of comfort and shared connection.

Glove Holding Plant

Peace of Mind

We believe that comfort and style should be sustainable, responsible, and accessible to all. You deserve slippers that are designed to last for years, not end up in a landfill by next season. Your winter gloves should keep your hands warm and dry – without harmful chemical runoff. We hear you, and we can help.

That’s why, over the past few years, we have taken a hard look at some of our products and processes with the objective of reducing our impact on this planet we call home. We are calling this our Sustainability Journey; and while we’ve been taking huge steps forward, we are just getting started.

Grass Slipper

Our journey has just begun

 The first stop on our journey – how do we reduce the amount of raw materials used in our collections? Over the past few years, our design and development team has partnered with suppliers who use 100% GRS certified recycled materials to create almost every fabric we offer in our slipper and accessory collections.

Water Droplet on Glove

Next Stop: Cleaner Chemistry

Did you know… Traditional water repellent coatings pollute our water systems with harmful chemicals called PFC’s.  Water that comes into contact with these toxic water repellant chemicals then enters our eco-systems and water streams. The effect of these chemicals can be harmful to all of Earth's inhabitants, especially wildlife and humans. To combat this, our innovation team has developed a PFC-free water repellency technology that contains absolutely none of these harmful chemicals. This is our SmartDri technology.

 This innovative technology is better for the environment without sacrificing the weather protection you have come to expect from Isotoner. The water still rolls right off our gloves, so you'll stay just as warm and dry but without worrying about the effects on the environment. Now that's comfort that cares.

Clean Water Slipper

Heading towards: Water Stewardship

How do slippers clean water? We’re glad you asked! Each pair of Clean Water slippers is made with BLOOM® Sustainable Materials, reduced dye usage, and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton. Our water conscious BLOOM® technology repurposes harmful algae that clogs up the world’s waterways into a safe and eco-friendly material. These new outsoles provide the same durability and comfort found in traditional petroleum-based soles, all while clearing streams and rivers of toxic algae. By using these advanced materials and cleaner practices, every pair of Clean Water slippers cleans 29 liters of water and reduces water usage by up to 80%; while also preventing harmful CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Isotoner Slippers on Recycled Material

Final destination: A New World of Comfort

We are proud to say that over 80% of our Fall 2022 collection is made with mostly recycled materials. Plus, almost every style we created uses recycled materials in some way. Through these efforts, we have created a new world of comfort products, all which reduce our impact on the planet. You are definitely proud of this accomplishment but remember, our journey is only just beginning. Through our commitment for a greener tomorrow, by 2025 we plan to use recycled materials in every single product we make!  

 When you shop Isotoner, you'll feel good inside and out knowing you're getting the same super soft slippers and gloves, while helping care for the planet.

 At Isotoner, Every Pair Cares.

 Join us this season as we share even more about our Sustainability Journey. We hope you will come along for the ride!

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