Slippers Made with Algae

ECO Slippers Made From Algae

Have you ever seen a lake covered in fuzzy green algae? While it might look interesting, did you know that algae can be toxic and extremely harmful to wildlife? Algae blooms develop when an abundance of foreign nutrients enter the water and begin to grow excessively, blanketing the water’s surface with this substance. These nutrient pollutants can come from a variety of sources: runoff from industrial plants, fertilizer, or even yard and animal waste. When the algae bloom grows it effectively blocks sunlight from reaching other aquatic life, depleting oxygen levels in the water and releasing toxins. Water in which the toxins are found can be harmful to not only the fish that live in it, but the animals and humans who rely on it.

 So, how can we help protect these freshwater systems?

Meet: The Clean Water Collection. We partnered with the eco-warriors at BLOOM® Sustainable Materials to create innovative outsoles using an all-new, sustainable algae-based technology. These slippers help safeguard water systems by transforming this harmful algae into soft, bouncy slipper soles you can feel good about.

But how does algae become a slipper? First, the algae is collected from freshwater sources and processed into a powder. This powder is then mixed with an outsole material such as rubber or EVA, and then processed into a final product. And you would never notice a difference – these algae-infused soles offer the same durability as petroleum-based materials without sacrificing the feel or performance.  To top it all off, during the collection process, the algae that is separated from the water is filtered and cleaned, allowing clean water to be returned to the environment, restoring order to the ecosystem. This process can clean up to 29 liters of water per pair of shoes, depending on the type of shoe and sole.

Cozy slippers that also clean water sound pretty perfect!

But we didn’t stop there. Each pair of Clean Water slippers is not JUST made with algae-based soles, but also are made from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton that has skipped the dyeing process. Without the dyeing process, dirty water runoff is prevented from entering freshwater streams – making for an even cleaner slipper.

From the water we drink, to food production, to wildlife and vegetation, clean, fresh water is an essential part of everyday life for all of us. So, sit back and get comfortable in your Clean Water slippers, knowing they’ll also help make the planet more comfortable place for all.

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